What if your apps could meet demand without demanding more of you?

Increasingly, complex applications run your business. And they can run your teams ragged trying to stay ahead of dynamic demand. When application performance drops, they’re often reacting at human speed, after the fact. To avoid disruption, you may overprovision resource allocations, making costly estimates that often don’t always pay off.

With IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM), you can automate critical actions that proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack. Continuously, in real time and without human intervention.

Assure Performance with Smarter Application Resource Management

Assure Performance with Smarter Application Resource Management (03:14)


Improve application performance

Help ensure your applications get the resources they need to perform. With a complete understanding of the application and infrastructure stack, you can automate actions and prevent resource congestion across a hybrid cloud environment.

Increase IT productivity

Automatically manage resources based on real-time demand to drive continuous performance and enable your application and infrastructure teams to shift their priorities to deliver better experiences for your end users.

Unite application and infrastructure teams

Gain a common understanding of how infrastructure impacts performance and bridge the gap between application and infrastructure teams. With your applications running on auto-pilot, you can shift your energy to innovation and reclaim time to drive better customer experiences.

Forrester TEI study reveals 471% ROI

Learn about the significant business impact from implementing Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Use cases

Make application-driven decisions

Person seated on a chair inspecting a server

Make application-driven decisions

Use AI-derived actions so applications get the resources they need to perform on any public cloud, private cloud, or virtualized environment while respecting business policies and minimizing waste from overprovisioned resources.

Automate at scale

Person holding a tablet examining pieces of hardware

Automate at scale

Shift a greater percentage of IT and development efforts to innovation projects that enable faster application development and delivery by automating capabilities across all of your cloud environments.

Get top-down, full-stack observability

Person seated at a desk looking at a desktop computer monitor

Get top-down, full-stack observability

Gain full-stack views of applications, services, containers, pods, nodes/VMs and networks enabling AppDev, DevOps and SRE teams to modernize applications for the best user experience and performance.

Instana and Turbonomic working together

Other Turbonomic capabilities

Public cloud optimization

Deliver on-target application performance while eliminating excessive cloud resources

Network performance management

Enable smooth transitions to virtualized networking and cloud services

IBM AIOps solutions

IBM Observability by Instana APM

Make sense of chaotic IT environments with fully automated application observability, delivering actionable insights needed to ensure optimum application performance and maintain a good customer experience.

IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Deploy advanced, explainable AI throughout your entire IT operations toolchain to assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across your IT infrastructure.