Key highlights

Say “yes” more often to customers

Increase sales by seeing all your on-hand inventory across disparate systems and silos. You can build personalized dashboards based on geography, brands or responsibilities, and customize alerts and thresholds for your business. Efficiently link inventory to demand and grow your top line by easily enabling drop shipping and new sales channels.

Get accurate, scalable inventory views

Meet peak-period demands and avoid overpromising, losing sales or incurring unexpected charges. Ensure accurate inventory views and real-time updates using Akamai gateways and Cassandra databases. Use auto-scaling to ramp up and down as demand changes (up to 40 million inventory calls per hour) — without IT assistance.

Reduce safety stock and increase inventory turns by using all your available inventory. Track velocity of inventory turns by product to customize safety stock by location. Get real-time insights across all your channels and locations to balance inventory. The cloud-based business service architecture can be deployed, scaled and updated independently while integrating with your existing systems. Lay the foundation for AI optimization.

Three reasons why you need a better view of your inventory