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Turn your data into trusted information

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server for Data Quality enables you to cleanse data and monitor data quality on an ongoing basis, helping to turn your data into trusted information. The solution offers end-to-end data quality tools to help you understand your data and its relationships; analyze and monitor data quality continuously; cleanse, standardize and match data; and maintain data lineage.

Benefits of IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality

Delivers data cleansing functionality

Automates source data investigation, information standardization and records matching based on business rules that you define.

Monitors and maintains data quality

Enables you to analyze and monitor data quality continuously to reduce the proliferation of incorrect or inconsistent data.

Offers flexible deployment options

Lets you quickly roll out new applications, data and services and place them in the optimal location — whether on premises, in the cloud or both.

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Key features

Data quality and management

Uncovers data quality issues, and establishes a remediation plan using metrics aligned with your business objectives. Helps you manage a data governance program. Matches records to eliminate duplicates, house-holding and many other operations.

Data standardization and validation

Helps to maintain an agile, business-focused environment to customize data standardization processes for your business needs, such as data enrichment or data cleansing. Offers data validation features including a flexible output table configuration for data validation rules, sequencing and impact analysis.

Classification functions

Identifies where personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive and other classes of data are stored. Also identifies the type of data contained within a column using three dozen predefined data classes including credit card, taxpayer IDs and US phone number. Enables you to create and customize three types of data classes: valid values list, regular expression (regex) and Java™ class.


Supports data profiling, classification, investigation, standardization, matching, survivorship, address verification and monitoring directly within an Apache Hadoop cluster. Also supports USAC and AVI address cleansing and validation running on the Hadoop cluster. Includes Oracle Connector certification for IADB.

On premises or on cloud

Realize faster time-to-value and experience the benefits of Data Quality capabilities on cloud as part of InfoSphere Information Server on Cloud.

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