IBM z/VM Hypervisor highlights

Efficiency and scalability

IBM® z/VM® supports up to 2TB of memory, allowing for higher levels of workload consolidation, considerable growth in memory-intensive applications, and superior levels of elasticity for workload spikes. Achieve increased scalability with Guest Enhanced DAT that enables guests to take advantage of large (1MB) pages, decreasing the memory and overhead needed to perform address translation.

Support for multiple OS, open source, and systems

IBM z/VM supports multiple operating systems for IBM Z® systems including IBM z/OS®, IBM z/VSE®, IBM z/TPF, and provides a production and testing platform for open source OS including Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical Ubuntu. z/VM also enhances efficient use of resources and provides support for IBM z14™, z13®, z13s™ and LinuxONE™ servers.

System ease of use enhancements

z/VM offers improved operations with enhancements requested by clients, such as querying service applied to the running hypervisor and providing environment variables to allow programming automation based on systems characteristics and client settings. Integration of new CMS Pipelines functionality, which previously was not formally incorporated within the z/VM product, allows for a much more inclusive set of tools for application developers.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) enhancements

Increase efficiency by attaching an IBM FlashSystem® to z/VM for system use without the need for an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC). You can enable Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) support for guest attachment of disks and other peripherals, and hypervisor attachment of disk drives to IBM Z and LinuxONE systems.

Improved installation upgrade efficiency

The latest version of z/VM allows easier migration with enhanced upgrade-in-place infrastructure that provides an improved migration path from previous z/VM releases.

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