What virtualization technology can do for your business

The IBM® z/VM® hypervisor is a virtualization technology platform for IBM Z® systems and IBM LinuxONE™ that supports multiple operating systems including z/OS®, z/VSE® and Linux. IBM z/VM virtualization enables a highly secure and scalable infrastructure for enterprise cloud and Linux deployment along with diverse critical applications. Long recognized as a robust hypervisor, z/VM allows customers to exploit IBM virtualization technology on one of the industry's best-of-breed server environments, the IBM mainframe.

Drive value

Virtualize system resources to reduce the need to duplicate hardware, programming, and data resources. Scale for growth with less investment.

Optimize workloads

Enable higher workload consolidation, more elasticity for workload spikes, and improved operations and utilization.

Improve management

Efficiently manage migration, facilitate application transitions, provide a test environment, and consolidate systems onto one physical server.

IBM z/VM Hypervisor features

  • Efficiency and scalability
  • Support for multiple OS, open source, and systems
  • System ease of use enhancements
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) enhancements
  • Improved installation upgrade efficiency