IBM APL2 is a powerful partner in problem solving

IBM® APL2® is a programming language for users and developers. It offers functions for solving problems for what-if modeling, exploratory programming, interactive computing, decision support and data analysis. APL2 enables you to concisely express work needed to be done and responds by displaying the result of the work — without considering the underlying computations. It efficiently uses symbolic notation, for example, that helps internationalize code because it is independent of national language.

IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms provides full-function APL2 environments for IBM AIX®, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows operating systems.

IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms

Cooperative processing

You can distribute data and processing among multiple APL2 systems connected by TCP/IP. Cross system shared variables for synchronization and data transfer in a distributed processing environment.

Tools for writing auxiliary processors

Sample processors, C header files, and a server interface allow for easy implementation of custom processors, including client-server processors.

Application encapsulation and reuse

The support for namespaces on workstations makes feasible development and testing of applications for deployment as mainframe namespaces with reduced name conflicts.

Parallel processing

Tools are provided for distributing applications onto multiple cores and machines.

IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms features

  • Interactive development environment
  • COM interface
  • No-cost runtime library
  • Flexible programming interface
  • Cooperative processing
  • Universal graphics
  • Performance monitor
  • Application development workspaces
  • National language support

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