Feature spotlights

Personalized technical advice

Provides remote training on integration with DB2 HADR, diagnostic data collection strategy, misconceptions in a managed DB2 HADR or HA environment and answers questions on your custom environment.

Flexible support

Provides a flexible solution for education on root cause analysis of critical problems, integration techniques, configuration advice and general question and answer time.

Block hours of support

With up to 8 hours of scheduled time, a Support Engineer provides advice on migrating to the most current version so you can have access to the latest fixes and features. They provide guidance on procedures that are applicable to optimize your next deployment and review common problems or misconceptions that may apply to your integration with other products.

Apply best business practices

Provides remote training on a variety of topics where best business practices are shared on integrating with DB2 HADR or DB2 HA Shared Disk, failover scenarios, migration, diagnostic data collection strategy and changes to apply for improving your performance.