Feature spotlights

Integrated incident management

Get remote support for your SAP HANA infrastructure through IBM's integrated, technical support teams. With deep expertise in IBM and Linux platforms, we can efficiently determine the source of any issue with your SAP HANA on Power Systems infrastructure and coordinate a speedy resolution.

Better system performance

Your integrated support team will help you reach a faster resolution to issues that arise. IBM support helps you take advantage of best practices and superior call management processes to optimize your SAP HANA on Power Systems infrastructure.

Expert service delivery

IBM has the expertise you need to support your IT environment with more than 30 years of experience. We are committed to providing rapid response in the event of downtime to get you back up and running with minimal impact to your business. Using data and advanced IBM analytics, we can also offer proactive support to help you prevent problems before they happen.

Innovative technologies for faster, better response

IBM supports more than 30,000 different IT devices – including SAP HANA on Power Systems solutions. To meet your IT maintenance needs, IBM Technology Support Services uses advanced tools such augmented reality, the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson®, predictive maintenance and blockchain. Using these technologies, we are able to prevent more problems, quickly identify and resolve issues, lower IT costs and simplify IT maintenance.

Proactive Services (optional)

Benefit from our Proactive Services which include Health Checks on your HANA Power systems, Power Linux and Power VM platforms, both remote and with on-site options. Also available are Microcode and Release Management.

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