Feature spotlights

Optimized intelligent utility network capabilities

Our advanced communications services target opportunities for you to consolidate redundant networks, optimize the use of existing assets and leverage public and private networks to meet business needs. We help you streamline the costs associated with communication services based on capital and operational priorities. With this service, you can design agility and scalability into your intelligent utility network environment to manage current and future communication service demands.

Standards-based, security-rich communications

This service helps you make more informed decisions about intelligent utility network technology and vendor selection based on your business vision, priorities and other unique criteria. We help you create use case-based design, installation and maintenance standards and support reliability and infrastructure sustainability. We also help identify the right architecture for managing security and compliance today while providing a platform for responding to future regulations and emerging threats.

A foundation for advanced system management

This service is designed to monitor, manage, protect and maintain the expanding reach of your critical intelligent utility network communications environment. We help you support system modernization and expansion by providing critical visibility into your communications networks with administrative access and better performance management capabilities. Furthermore, we can integrate disparate system elements and site management tools to deliver a common, unified view of network operations.

A proven partner

IBM is a trusted provider of intelligent utility network communications solutions and brings advanced skills, methods and assets that drive positive change and reduced risk. We leverage innovation from our deep understanding of the utilities and other industries to help create lasting benefits. Turn to IBM for help developing a roadmap to a more security-rich, agile and scalable network with foundational capabilities designed to reduce the cost of future networking projects.

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