What IBM SDK for Node.js can do for your business

IBM® SDK for Node.js - z/OS®, at no license charge, and optional paid support, provides a secure, module-driven, highly scalable approach to accelerate digital transformation on IBM Z. By coding in the popular JavaScript language, Node.js allows enterprise clients to tap into the wealth of JavaScript developer talent and resources.

With applications typically developed in a shorter time and with fewer lines of code, Node.js can enable enterprise clients to efficiently augment existing IBM Z® application stacks to provide a timely response to customer requirements driven by digital transformation.

Accelerate delivery of applications

Around 1 million open-source modules can be incorporated into your applications.

Improve performance

IBM SDK for Node.js - z/OS can take advantage of co-location of data and existing business critical applications to significantly increase throughput and reduce response time.

Save development effort

You can leverage the same technology and pool of skills to build end-to-end applications in the same language.

Obtain world-class IBM support

Comes with superior IBM service and support.

What building with JavaScript on z/OS can do for a business

  • No license charge
  • Code using the popular Node.js framework
  • Coding made easy with the npm JavaScript package manager
  • CICS support
  • Integrates with IMS, VSAM, Db2, z/OS Connect EE and more
  • V8 JavaScript engine

Which option is right for you?

  • Official product (No license charge)

    Node.js no longer has a license charge. Order now in Shopz or contact us.

  • 90-day PAX archive evaluation

    Install a complete PAX archive supporting the Node.js v8 community version.

  • Subscription & support (optional)

    Purchase world-class IBM support for your official SMP/E edition. Order now in Shopz or contact us.

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