Feature spotlights

Deliver always-on business operations

IBM b-type Gen 5 and Gen 6 technology leverages a rich heritage of Fibre Channel innovation to deliver industry-leading reliability for the world’s most demanding data centers. Using Fabric Vision technology and VM Insight, administrators can quickly identify abnormal VM behaviors to facilitate troubleshooting and fault isolation, helping to ensure maximum performance and operational stability.

Simplified management and robust network analytics

Fabric Vision technology provides visibility across the network with monitoring, management and diagnostic capabilities that enable administrators to avoid problems before they impact operations. Fabric Vision technology includes VM Insight, Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS), Fabric Performance Impact (FPI) Monitoring, dashboards, Configuration and Operational Monitoring Policy Automation Services Suite (COMPASS), ClearLink Diagnostics, Flow Vision, FEC and Credit Loss Recovery.

IBM Network Advisor

IBM Network Advisor is an optional software management tool that provides an enhanced user interface and additional capabilities to simplify b-type Fibre Channel management. It helps diagnose and resolve issues to maximize uptime, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. The wizard-driven interface reduces deployment and configuration times by allowing fabrics, switches and ports to be managed as groups. Customizable dashboards display performance and health indicators.

Flexible, simple and easy to use technology

SAN24B-6 delivers industry-leading Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology in a flexible and easy-to-use solution that cost-effectively scales from 8 to 24 ports with PoD. It is easy to deploy with the EZSwitchSetup wizard, featuring a simple user interface that dramatically reduces deployment and configuration times with as few as three steps.

Access Gateway mode

IBM Storage Networking SAN24B-6 can be deployed as a full-fabric switch or as an Access Gateway, simplifying fabric topologies and heterogeneous fabric connectivity (the default mode setting is a switch). Access Gateway mode4 utilizes N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) switch standards to present physical and virtual servers directly to the core of storage area network (SAN) fabrics. This makes Access Gateway transparent to the SAN fabric, greatly reducing management of the network edge.