Feature spotlights

IBM Power Systems server technology

POWER8 technology, optimized for big data insights are balanced with the other components in the design to provide balanced and optimized performance for operational analytic workloads.

In-database analytics

Run analytics on your data in the warehouse where it resides and eliminate the time, cost and risk associated with copying data out of the warehouse to analyze it. The system is designed for delivering insights to business operations for real-time decision-making.

Compression technology

Adaptive data compression is automatically configured on the system. It compresses the database by rows and leaves the data in compressed format until it is needed, which helps to improve the performance of the core warehouse and reduce overall storage requirements.

Multidimensional cubing services

Cubing services help to optimize performance for online analytical processing (OLAP) queries providing more power for users to analyze data and generate business insight. Users can create, edit, import, export and deploy cube models over the relational warehouse schema to analyze multiple business variables.

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