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At the heart of IBM® PureData® System for Operational Analytics is a data warehouse integrating IBM best practices and expertise in designing and implementing data warehousing solutions. This built in expertise, integration by design and a simplified lifecycle provide capabilities in support of the unique requirements of operational analytics. The system can process mixed workloads of complex queries against large volumes of data, quick point queries on small data sets and supports a high number of concurrent operational accesses. The way IT business deploys infrastructure is changed to support the demands of operational data workloads.

Designed for speed

Using parallel processing technology and other advanced capabilities PureData System for Operational Analytics is designed to provide very high throughput and concurrency.

Management simplicity

A singular monitoring and management console allows you to administer system-wide updates and obtain a view into the current state of the system ensuring efficient performance.

Scalable up to petascale capacity

A modular, flexible design enables you to acquire the correct PureData System size for your organizations needs. Choose from six configurations that can scale incrementally to petascale capacity.

Key features

  • IBM Power Systems server technology
  • In-database analytics
  • Compression technology
  • Multidimensional cubing services

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