Feature spotlights

Connect once, communicate everywhere

Using the IBM PEPPOL Gateway you can send, receive, and track electronic documents, invoices, messages and more from all of your partners, vendors and customers – regardless of their particular language, ERP system or data format. You choose the entry point, data format and network that match your infrastructure, and IBM will handle the translations for you. All firms read and write in their local language and format for fast processing and ease of use.

Enhance standardisation across all devices

Standardised XML in PEPPOL provides seamless transmission of documents across any connection or device connected to the IBM Gateway, even phone handsets, regardless of language or data format. Receive engineering specifications, orders or invoices in your format and language regardless of the document’s original form with your trade partner’s PEPPOL ID. Manual document handling is eliminated, speeding delivery and receipt and removing time lost to data entry correction.

Improve visibility with automatic track and trace

As a seller, provide electronic catalogues of items according to service-level agreements (SLAs) so your buyers can quickly choose and generate purchase orders with a few taps or clicks. Automated confirmations, ship notifications and invoices can be exchanged as well as other messages, such as item and order status or location. Integrate this track and trace capability as deeply as desired for maximum flexibility and process optimization.

Rely on IBM expertise

Since the beginning of the PEPPOL project in 2005, IBM has participated in its development. As a certified PEPPOL solutions provider, our thought leaders, project executives and consultants bring their experience on hundreds of projects to each new challenge. IBM PEPPOL advises the PEPPOL project, serving as the only private member on the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee. We have successfully implemented PEPPOL at our own facilities and abroad .