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Customer case studies

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BBVA Francés' optimization plan resulted in improved performance by 28% saving 26 CPU hours a month.

BBVA Francés
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UnipolSai optimized 30,000 CICS COBOL programs and realized CPU savings of 10% on average.

UnipolSai Assicurazioni
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Technical details

Software requirements

Optimize already-compiled COBOL modules and run optimized modules on the following operating systems. z/OS V2.2 and later supports automatic deployment of optimized binaries by using data set optimization configuration.

  • z/OS V2.4
  • z/OS V2.3
  • z/OS V2.2

Hardware requirements

Optimize already-compiled COBOL modules and run optimized modules on the following hardware:

  • z15™
  • z14® and z14 Model ZR1
  • z13® and z13s®

Technical specifications

Optimize COBOL modules originally compiled with:

  • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V4 and V3
  • COBOL for OS/390® & VM V2
  • COBOL for MVS™ & VM V1.2
  • COBOL/370 V1.1
  • VS COBOL II V1.4.0 and V1.3.x (LE enabled modules only)
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