Achieve improved reliability, availability and performance

IBM Predictive Maintenance and Optimization (PMO) enables asset-intensive organizations to apply machine learning and analytics to improve maintenance strategies while minimizing the cost of maintenance management. IBM PMO focuses on the needs of the reliability engineer to identify and manage equipment reliability risks, that could adversely affect plant or business operations, to make industrial manufacturing, production processes, and products more efficient and dependable.

Improve asset health and performance

Monitor, maintain, and optimize assets for better availability, utilization, and performance.

Optimize maintenance schedules

Access multiple data sources in real time to help predict asset failure or quality issues and minimize unnecessary maintenance.

Reduce excess maintenance costs

Avoid costly downtime with improved maintenance schedules, get early warnings on asset failure, plan maintenance with higher efficiency and reduce costs.

Key features of IBM Predictive Maintenance and Optimization

  • Models calculate asset health scores and predict life spans
  • Real-time interactive dashboards monitor assets, processes
  • Detect asset failures and quality issues earlier
  • Explore asset performance data to learn the cause of failure
  • Provide optimized maintenance recommendations to operations
  • Customize solutions for your specific maintenance use cases

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