Reduces the cost of of electronically stored information

IBM eDiscovery Manager enables authorized IT and legal staff to search, cull, hold and export case-relevant content fast and efficiently resulting in lower costs to manage Electronically Stored Information (ESI). This comprehensive solution gives you the high performance and rich functionality you need to support complex cases throughout your enterprise.

Reduces discovery costs

Streamlines and standardizes the electronic discovery process. eDiscovery Manager helps you respond to discovery requests cost-effectively and with agility.

Preserves ESI

Preserves your Electronically Stored Information (ESI) evidence – in a security-rich, auditable, high-scale, trusted evidence repository that includes chain-of-custody tracking.

Organizes ESI, email and other content

Enhances your capacity to organize ESI, email and other content to reduce discovery costs and risks.

Key features

  • Lower eDiscovery costs
  • Quick content access with powerful search
  • Preserve your ESI evidence
  • Organize ESI, email and other content