Key benefits of IBM EDI Solutions include:

Simple structure delivers continuous optimization

IBM offers EDI solutions built on a simple formula: one adapter, one network, one format. You choose and maintain just a single adapter to connect to IBM, over one network. Within that network, you are connected to all your partners. Execute messages, invoices, orders and more in one format – the one you choose to send and receive. IBM translates data so that partners can trade in their own language for faster processing and usability.

Dedicated, skilled resource increases data quality

IBM can handle the vast majority of data formats, including EDIFACT, XML, iDOC, UBL, plain files and your own in-house format. Your data transactions will be monitored, managed and validated in a first-tier, IBM data center. Staffed with skilled specialists whose only focus is EAI/EDI, our B2B and B2G integration teams build and manage supply chain infrastructure and processes across the globe for our own business and hundreds more throughout Europe.

Standards-based and regulatory compliant

IBM has unique competencies in the EU-funded “Pan-European Public Procurement Online,” or PEPPOL, standard. We also adhere to the mandatory electronic exchange requirements of different states for e-procurement and e-invoicing. We have compliant infrastructure and access points ready to support your European trade, and connecting to the IBM network allows organizations to trade in their own formats while providing data in the format needed by partner firms.

Customized steady-state security and encryption

Pick your level of preferred security and make use of those protocols that best fits your needs. Provide secure Business-to-Business document exchange with certificates, agreed exchange profiles, and public and private key structures. Digital encryption components such as PGP encryption, delivered as a service, are available for any dataflows you choose.

Track and trace capabilities for instant document location

Electronic interconnectivity between partners allows you to track information during workflow wherever it resides and ensure non-repudiation in the information chain. Trace information paths for testing, validation and audit procedures, and always know who is in possession of what document. Use web-based tools with simple traffic-light alerts – green-yellow-red signaling for monitoring.

Add blockchain to your supply chain

Once consolidated, EDI services are subject to lead to participation in new blockchain constructions, with the option for using Smart Contract scenarios. You can document for a specific community, such as your vendor, transporter or bank, important instances inside the information workflow or the entire workflow itself. Inform partners where data is in transit, who has acted on the data, and where it currently resides.

Rely on IBM experience

IBM is at the forefront of EDI and B2B/B2G Integration. Your business processes are improved by solutions that handle the exchange of electronic trading documents simply, securely and efficiently. Our thought leaders, project executives and consultants bring their experience on hundreds of projects to the table for each new challenge. Read our white papers for more information on how to streamline your EDI solution and avoid making costly mistakes.

How customers use it

  • Onboarding became a nightmare! Here is how to fix it!


    Onboarding can become a big issue. EDI is a very flexible and customizable option, which if allowed, can become impossible to manage. Too many formats, document types, attributes and variations add unwanted complexity for EDI.


    Adding an onboarding portal with 8-15 standardized document types with mapping examples in popular formats & added testing capabilities helps your partners quickly connect with you. Now your EDI solution is streamlined and easy to manage. Simple.

  • EDI is complex and flexible - here is how PEPPOL solves it!


    EDI allows you to invent your own format, it supports any document type, and can be used in various ways. You can send EDI through any network, and you can convert and adapt along the way as needed - that adds complexity.


    PEPPOL removes that complexity by adding standardization. With PEPPOL you can send roughly 8 document types in 1 format via 1 network, which allows you to reach Europe. All you need to do is register your GLN number and access a PEPPOL access point.

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