Feature spotlights

Communication optimization

Deliver optimal communications to individual customers based on interaction history, offer details, channel preferences and timeframe. Use data models to find the best communication for each customer and reduce wasted communications. Reduce customer fatigue and decrease opt-outs.

Define business constraints

Identify limits that can impact contact strategy such as size of marketing budget, number of available offers of various types, and number of telemarketing calls that can be made per period. Create campaigns and define the proposed contacts to include in each campaign. Make informed decisions about the individual offers and messages each customer should receive.

Use insights to automate optimization

Identify customer preferences including preferred channel to receive communications, maximum number of contacts to receive each month, and primary product or service interests. Balance business objectives and constraints with customer preferences and history, and automate the manual process of optimizing customer communications.

Create rules-based goals and scoring

Define rules based on business considerations. For example, identify limits for how many offers a sales agent can handle or specify marketing goals based on optimal customer value or probability of response. Define business goals by utilizing scores from the customer and offer level, and rank offers by segment and offer combinations using a scoring matrix.

Technical details

Software requirements

See below for the software environments recommended for IBM Contact Optimization.

    Hardware requirements

    See below for the minimum system requirements recommended for IBM Contact Optimization.

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