Feature spotlights

Lowers your costs

Combining the robust power of zSecure™ Alert, zSecure Verifier and zSecure Audit, zSecure Compliance and Auditing reduces costs associated with failed audits or compliance and event collection from multiple products.

Simplifies audit analysis

Automates and customizes audit and compliance reporting and audit analysis for repeatable and sustainable reporting. Command Audit Trail feature stores changes to profiles in the IBM® Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) database.

Proactively identifies security weaknesses

Minimizes the risk of costly breaches by identifying security weaknesses. Provides near real-time security alerts, reducing your outages. Reduces your exposure and cost by automating near real-time compliance monitoring on the mainframe. Monitors privileged users to detect compliance violations and insider abuse.

Provides flexibility with customizable reports

Customizes audit and compliance reporting to meet your business needs. Can prevent noncompliant RACF commands from running to reduce errors and violations.

Scalability for big data systems

V2.2.1 allows storage above the 2 GB boundary ("the bar") to enable processing of more data. Note that the ability to use more virtual memory can have implications for paging and real storage needs. This also frees up storage below the bar for other programs. With models z196 or higher, 64-bit addressing is activated automatically, though reverting back to 31-bit addressing is optional. You can select the program to run on the second panel of menu option SE.0 (SETUP RUN).