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The IBM Power System S822LC is designed to deliver superior performance and throughput for high-value Linux workloads, such as industry applications, big data and LAMP. With greater reliability, serviceability and availability than competitive platforms, the Power System S822LC incorporates OpenPOWER Foundation community innovation for clients that need to run big data, Java, open source and industry applications.
IBM Power System S822LC for Commercial Computing

Dependable performance

Superior throughput and performance for high-value Linux workloads, such as LAMP, big data and analytics or a variety of industry applications.

Economical computing platform

Low acquisition cost through system optimization (OpenPOWER innovation, industry standardization, more flexible service and support).

Scalable expansion

Modular design optimized to scale from single racks to hundreds of racks for large-scale clusters and scale-out deployments built on a 2S2U platform with up to 20 cores of POWER8.

Key features

  • Cloud deployment
  • Optimized for data and Linux
  • App Enablement
  • Superior Economics
  • Superior Performance

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