What a universal client for CICS can do for your business

IBM® CICS® Universal Client provides desktop applications with integration functions that support communication between workstation applications and CICS servers. The client enables access to CICS systems, including IBM CICS Transaction Server and IBM TXSeries™, from single-user workstations.
IBM CICS Universal Client

Improve usability and productivity

Independently configured clients support existing workstation interfaces without changing the back-end application.

Program in multiple interfaces

Provides programming interfaces in C/C++, Microsoft® Visual Basic and COBOL and offers IP-based or SNA-based communication.

Facilitate thorough communication

Communicates with CICS servers through the external call interface (ECI), external presentation interface (EPI) and the external security interface (ESI).

Optimize client and server operation

Improves programmer flexibility, keeps business logic on the server and presentation logic on the client. Writes applications more easily to connect PC workstations with CICS servers.