What configuration management can do for your business

IBM® CICS® Configuration Manager for z/OS® is a tool for administering and maintaining CICS resource definitions. It provides audit, reporting and lifecycle change management control facilities to support the build, management and deployment of complex mainframe CICS applications. The flexible, modular format supports a staged approach to integrating IBM CICS Configuration Manager into your processes gradually. IBM CICS Configuration Manager can help all DevOps roles manage rapidly changing mobile applications.

Single point of control

Define CICS resource definitions across your enterprise from a single interface.

Seamless management

Manipulate definitions across CSD files and IBM CICSPlex® System Manager data repositories.

Improve productivity

Optimize CICS system administration and collaboration with transparent control and change management.

IBM CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS key features

  • Full lifecycle management
  • Automation capabilities
  • Authorization controls and audit log
  • Insightful views of resource definitions