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IBM® Aspera® Shares is a simple, intuitive web application that enables globally dispersed internal and external users to quickly share large files and whole directories in data centers located worldwide. It provides secure access to a consolidated directory view with a single web interface for all available data content stored on multiple server nodes across diverse infrastructures, including enterprise datacenters, public clouds and private clouds.

Global browser-based data distribution

Distribute data internally or externally from a centralized repository while restricting each user’s views to specific files or folders.

Access content in multiple clouds

Use a single interface to view and manage content distributed across various cloud storage systems, whether public or private.

Team and third-party content gathering

Securely gather data by enabling each contributor to upload files or directories into a one repository with controlled access to certain directories.

Powerful security and access models

Enables robust control over the configuration settings for different Shares, directories and files.

Industry-leading performance

Uses the patented Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP) transport technology to share large files and whole directories.

Key features

  • Feature-rich, easy-to-use web interface
  • A consolidated, transparent view of content
  • Comprehensive security and access model
  • A highly scalable solution

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