What it can do for your business

The IBM® Aspera® High-Speed Transfer Endpoint (formerly IBM Aspera Point-to-Point Client) extends the feature set of the IBM Aspera Desktop Client to act as a managed endpoint that offers more transfer options, supporting direct connections between transfer endpoints and Desktop Clients. Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint enables remote management and control of multiple transfer endpoints using the enhanced features of the IBM Aspera Console.

High-speed file transfer

Enable collaborating users to send files and directories directly to each other’s desktop with manual or automated

Automated, high-speed remote back-up

Set up a simple, easy-to-maintain, high-speed file repository to enable back ups of critical files (CAD projects, game builds, video edits, etc.).

Precise Bandwidth Control

Graphical interface provides transfer rate monitoring that enables on-the-fly adjustments of transfer speed and priority

Built-in security

Enterprise-grade security is built in to helps organizations secure business-critical digital assets

Industry-leading performance

Move large files and whole directories using the patented Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP) transport technology.

Key features

  • Versatile yet easy-to-use client advanced software
  • Congestion avoidance capabilities
  • Industry-leading performance
  • Remote management capabilities

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