IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence details

Announcing ADDI V5.1.0 release

Learn how Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence V5.1.0 accelerates digital transformation.

Business rule discovery

Business rules are generally hidden in existing operational systems applications. But now you can quickly find the business rules, code snippets and APIs so that you can leverage them to support your business processes.

Deep, visual analysis

Take advantage of a range of analyses and visual tools: Data flow and where-used analysis; Program control flow analysis; Source code complexity analysis; Impact analysis; Inventory of online and batch applications; Vast coverage of databases; Batch control flow visualization.

Analyze application logic, impact of change

Use accurate code analysis to see the full extent of relationships between applications and correlate run-time metrics with static code to determine the impact of changes.

Testing features

Quickly identify redundant test cases and expose areas of code not yet tested, most or least executed and lowest performing. Detect performance issues earlier in the cycle and correlate runtime data and test coverage.

Root cause analysis

Identify peaks in slow response time of a specific transaction in a graph and then visually compare them to IBM Db2® and File I/O wait time. Use the transaction composition map of a transaction that performs poorly and identify program artifacts that call the same data source(s) and have changed recently.

Cognitive user guidance

Visualize data points that adversely contribute to the worsening response time of key transactions. Identify previously undiscovered poor performing transactions and problematic artifacts. See ranked results to evaluate risky program artifacts in a problematic transaction. Visualize artifact dependencies and pin point problematic artifacts, allowing you to plan and make artifact changes faster.

Risk anticipation and minimization

Detect performance and resource issues throughout the development lifecycle by accessing previously hidden Ops data. Access a view of the business-critical applications based on the usage frequency and adjust the regression testing focus to anticipate and minimize the risk of breaks in production.

Project health visibility

Identify business-critical programs and examine code coverage, performance, complexity and maintainability. Access a view of overall project health and initiate work to reduce technical debt and complexity. Understand project metrics and trends—number of lines, dead code and more.

Digital transformation

Rapidly identify API candidates and expose them as RESTful APIs with z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition. Safeguard services by determining if APIs could be impacted by an application change.

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Customer case studies

Case study image

Fujitsu offers customers the best of two worlds: mainframe stability and agility for the digital age

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Case study image

A pan-African bank cuts through complexity to identify efficiencies and save millions of dollars

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Case study image

A US insurer gives developers the tools to innovate with greater freedom and lower risk

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