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IBM Algo ALM and Liquidity Risk on Big Data demonstration

Built upon big data technology, this next-generation risk solution enables banks to improve ALM & liquidity risk management.

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ALM and liquidity risk: Insights into new regulations and big data solutions

Luis Matias provides insights into regulatory pressures, big data and the need for flexible tech solutions in ALM/LR.

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Next generation asset liability management and liquidity risk management

Implementation of a Big Data approach for liquidity stress testing at a large Canadian bank with IBM.

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Bracing for impact – Facing the challenges posed by IRRBB

Addressing the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s revised standards for Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

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Think big - How big data will change your approach to financial risk management

A discussion of Big Data technology and its application to financial risk management

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A new era of technology-enabled financial risk management

Apply emerging technologies to modernize your risk management capabilities and improve outcomes

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IBM Financial Risk solutions transform risk management into a competitive edge.

With major regulatory changes on the horizon, Banco do Brasil selected IBM® Financial Risk solutions to meet the challenges.

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ALM and Liquidity Risk on Big Data

Efficiently and effectively model balance sheet risks, liquidity holdings and hedging strategies.

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