Consumption model pricing

With the IBM Cloud® Satellite managed distributed cloud solution, you have the flexibility to grow and shrink your application through a consumption model. This flexibility is built into the pricing model. You pay for the number of vCPUs that your applications need on a metered basis.

• No upfront cost
• No termination fees
Hourly USD 0.023 / vCPU
SRE management of cloud services for on-premises
SRE management of cloud services for other clouds
SRE management of cloud services at the edge
Single pane of glass for workloads across distributed cloud
Search and resource tagging
Rule-based configuration and delivery of Kubernetes resources
Secured-by-default connectivity through Link
Unified operations for teams that span locations

About pricing plans

Pay as you go

Pay only for services that you use. No long-term contracts.


You commit to a minimum spending amount and get a discount.