A Java™ EE platform is a collection of Java APIs that helps to write secure, flexible server-side applications. Many companies already have a Java EE platform, such as IBM WebSphere® Application Server or Red Hat® JBoss®, which needs to be integrated with cloud native apps. We can help with that.

WebSphere support extended

Businesses depend on IBM WebSphere Application Server, so our support roadmap now runs through 2030.

Optimize mission-critical applications

Accelerated app delivery

Excel with WebSphere Liberty and supporting microservices

Increased value

Get flexibility and lower costs with WebSphere Liberty

Designed for security

Use integrated management and administrative tooling

WebSphere applications being run within RedHat OpenShift


Many teams want to migrate apps to containers, but they want to do it without modifying the apps. Learn how to migrate while maintaining a session state with this example from IBM WebSphere.

Capability: Mobile app development framework

Simplify and manage mobile app development with containerized back-end services.