Extend visibility into IBM z/OS components

IBM® Z® Application Performance Management Connect provides transaction tracking information and resource monitoring metrics from z/OS® subsystems to APM solutions including IBM Application Performance Management and AppDynamics. It can be implemented stand alone on z/OS for transaction tracking data of key z/OS subsystems, or combined with existing OMEGAMON® system monitoring to additionally provide resource monitoring metrics for z/OS Subsystems. IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect will work with both on-prem and Software as a Services (SaaS) APM tooling.


See from cloud to mainframe

Monitor hybrid applications spanning public cloud to mainframe and identify components impacting these hybrid applications.

Monitor impacts on z/OS

Build application dashboards for applications deployed in part on IBM Z systems. Update application topologies to be aware of calls made to z/OS resources and aggregate transaction time information.

Optimize investments

Use existing OMEGAMON investments to bring relevant metrics from IBM z/OS systems and middleware into IBM Application Performance Management.

Reduce problem resolution time

Achieve data consistency between IBM Application Performance Management and detailed OMEGAMON monitoring tools on z/OS to rapidly identify and resolve performance issues.

Cover z/OS subsystems

Get transaction tracking data for IBM MQ, CICS®, Db2® and IMS™ DB. Get resource monitoring data from OMEGAMON agents for z/OS, CICS, CICS TG, IMS, Db2, MQ, Java® and z/OS Connect.

Support for multiple APM vendors

Supports both IBM Application Performance Management (resource monitoring metrics only) and AppDynamics (transaction tracking only) for increase flexibility in APM vendor choice.

Obtain metrics for the following systems and environments

  • IBM z/OS
  • IBM CICS Transaction Gateway
  • IBM Db2
  • IBM MQ
  • JVMs running on z/OS systems
  • IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition