IBM Security Verify for Consumer IAM Features

Make identity developer-friendly

Developers shouldn't have to be identity experts to work with IAM platforms. With Verify's APIs, software development kits, and guided developer portal, make it easy to build and launch new applications securely.

Protect with risk-based authentication and adaptive access

Strike the balance between security and user experience by infusing continuous, risk-based authentication that informs dynamic access decisions. Make access frictionless for low-risk customers and only challenge MFA when necessary, while simultaneously protecting against suspicious or malicious activity like credential stuffing, account takeover, fradulent devices, and more.

Comply with data protection regulations

Data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, require clear and transparent user consent. Track privacy and consent preferences, giving users control over what is shared to the applications they touch.

Support the latest user authentication methods

MFA methods evolve over time, and a common authentication platform like Verify helps you keep up. Use traditional methods like SMS/email OTP or upgrade to modern and even passwordless methods like QR codes, and FIDO2.

Integrate social sign-on

Allow users to conveniently login with various social providers, from Google and LinkedIn to more region-specific providers.

Use a common framework for all your applications

Onboard any application to be centrally managed with Verify, with integration options like OIDC and SAML 2.0. Single sign-on delivers the seamless user experience your customers expect.

Implement user management and self-care

Build identity operations into your consumer-facing apps with easy-to-consume REST APIs for common user actions. Use pre-built templates for enrollment, registration, username/password reset, and other identity operations.

Monitor activity and performance

Monitor the health of your authentication program with easy-to-use reporting on application usage, authentication transactions, and token management details.

How customers use it

  • Screen shot of adding an API client

    Manage the lifecycle of APIs


    You need to provide carefully scoped access to your data via APIs.


    With Verify, you'll be able to control which APIs are used and the scope of that usage.

  • Screen shot of interface to add and manage application and API tokens

    Manage API tokens for application integrations


    Organizations are consuming APIs in large quantities, exposing valuable services. These API tokens must be managed and rotated regularly to maintain security.


    Create and manage new applications and services that utilize OAuth flows for authorization with Verify.

  • Screen shot of application dashboard

    Use one authentication platform for all use cases


    Authentication standards for applications are constantly evolving, forcing organizations to customize IAM platforms and maintain expensive integrations.


    Verify helps simplify authentication programs with one platform that supports SAML 2.0, OIDC, FIDO2 and common multifactor authentication patterns.

  • Screen shot of multiple multifactor authentication options

    Meet compliance mandates for strong authentication


    PCI DSS and PSD2 require multifactor authentication.


    Verify integrates multifactor authentication everywhere, ensuring compliance with industry mandates.

  • Screen shot of profile login screen

    Reliably authenticate users from hundreds to billions


    Downtime and outages for authentication services cause account lockouts and customer dissatisfaction.


    Verify is a highly available cloud service supporting zero-latency mobile multifactor authentication.

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