What if your apps could meet demand without demanding more of you?

Increasingly, complex applications run your business. And they can run your teams ragged trying to stay ahead of dynamic demand. When application performance drops, they’re often reacting at human speed, after the fact. To avoid disruption, you may overprovision resource allocations, making costly estimates that often don’t always pay off.

With IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM), you can automate critical actions that proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack. Continuously, in real time and without human intervention.

Assure Performance with Smarter Application Resource Management

Assure Performance with Smarter Application Resource Management (03:14)


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Use cases

Let’s unlock your apps’ potential without impacting your environment

Cloud cost optimization

Four opaque clouds partially covering three circle graphics, connected by arrows

Cloud cost optimization

Contain cost while preserving performance with automatic, continuous cloud optimization. IBM Turbonomic matches application demand exactly to cloud resources in real time. And the software accounts for cloud reservations, so you can purchase more only when you need it.

Data center optimization

Four columns of stacked circle graphs and horizontal bars, separated by arrows

Data center optimization

Even as workloads move to cloud platforms for greater elasticity, your data center doesn’t have to be left behind. With IBM Turbonomic, automated application resource management provides the optimization you need to get the most out of your data center.

Kubernetes optimization

Architecture showing connected squares containing the Kubernetes symbol, with one connected to cloud by a right-pointing arrow

Kubernetes optimization

Containerization promises to increase business velocity and help you reap the benefits of application elasticity, anywhere. But it’s hard to control the complexity and meet service level objectives (SLOs). With IBM Turbonomic can optimize any Kubernetes and supports the leading platforms.

Sustainable IT

Five columns showing circle graphs at various levels and quantities with five inside a cloud

Sustainable IT

Committed to sustainability? Here’s a quick win: IBM Turbonomic software intelligently manages application resources and helps you reduce cloud and data center consumption, materially reducing your carbon footprint.


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IBM Turbonomic continuous hybrid cloud optimization on AWS


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