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Fusion makes it easy to deploy and maintain infrastructure to enable your applications running in virtual machines or containers on Red Hat OpenShift to efficiently and reliably scale.
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Fusion HCI System provides a fully integrated, turnkey platform for running and maintaining all of your on-premises Red Hat OpenShift applications.

With Fusion, you get a cloud-native platform that delivers a simple, consistent and scalable data services experience for containerized applications. It is designed to meet the needs of stateful applications on Red Hat OpenShift container platform, including persistent volumes, backup and restore, replication, and mobility.

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IBM watsonx.data together with IBM Storage Fusion HCI System

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Accelerate time to value​

Integrates hardware, Red Hat OpenShift, and data services, eliminating compatibility issues and reducing setup time enabling you to get your containerized applications. Up and running in record time enabling faster innovation and reduced time-to-market.

Reduce total cost of ownership​

Simplifies infrastructure and data services for OpenShift applications, by enabling platform engineers to centrally manage OpenShift, streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and reduce operational complexities and costs.

Improve Productivity

Enhances productivity by simplifying infrastructure management for platform engineers, empowering developers to focus on coding and innovation, and promoting collaboration between both groups through a standardized, streamlined environment.

Mitigate Risk

Enhances application availability and reduces risks of network and storage-related issues. Dedicated high-speed internal network paired with NVMe storage ensures performance goals are met. Robust data replication paired with failover strategies, ensure uninterrupted availability of mission critical applications.

Features​ The core value of Storage Fusion is derived from “Fusion 5”—five foundational application data services that deliver a consistent experience across public cloud and on-premises bare metal or virtualized platforms. Data persistence​

Platform engineering and application development teams gain productivity from Fusion's automation for data storage provisioning.

Data resilience​ ​

Ensures data is always available, even ​during disruptive events or system failures.​

Data security​

Data encryption, retention and recovery to protect from intentional or unintentional data loss.

Data mobility​

Apps need to run ​from the edge, to the core and to the cloud, which also requires your data to be mobile.​

Data cataloging​

Data scientists seek simple and fast ways to create actionable data insights at scale. ​

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