Step 1: Choose RPA-ready tasks

RPA task list as depicted in in-product screenshot of IBM RPA

RPA-ready tasks are simple, consistent and repeatable low-skill tasks that have high human-error rates and a tendency toward low worker morale. You can start by taking certain routine tasks away from larger processes and automating them to free employee time and deliver significant productivity, efficiency or cost benefit. In general, choose tasks that offer meaningful opportunities to improve customer and worker experiences by speeding up existing processes.

Step 2: Download your free trial

See if IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere is right for you by downloading the free 30-day software trial. To get started, click “Start free trial” above or below. You’ll be sent to a page where you’ll need to sign up for or log in with your IBM ID. Then, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the trial. (Note that the software works on Windows only.) When you download, install and open the trial software on a PC, you’ll find a variety of documentation to help you get started.

Once you’re in the IBM RPA environment, you’ll be able to use the built-in screen recorders to quickly create bots by capturing the keystrokes and mouse-clicks that you want the bot to replicate. You can also directly create bots using the bot creator’s task editor. And in the control room, you can schedule bots to run, manage bot versions, administer users and roles, and maintain an audit trail of user and bot activities.

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RPA task actions list as depicted in in-product screenshot of IBM RPA

Step 3: Experiment with pilot programs

RPA tasks completed successfully as depicted in in-product screenshot of the IBM RPA control room

With IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere, you can set up “stand-alone RPA” pilot programs in which one — or a few — tasks are automated in days or weeks. Creating and refining bots and then putting them into production for a trial period gives your organization time to measure results and analyze the impact on workflow and employees. It also provides useful learning opportunities and data on which to build a potential business case for more robust, or “RPA plus,” automation.

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