Product brochures & data sheets

IBM Micromedex with Watson

Get an overview of Micromedex with Watson, including information on the latest enhancements.

IBM Micromedex mobile applications

Explore five different Micromedex applications that can support medication management on-the-go.

IBM Micromedex solution bundles

Read about the various Micromedex solution bundles available to meet your clinical decision support needs.


Conflict of interest policy

Read about the policies that help manage potential conflicts of interest for our external advisors.

Compendia transparency policy

Learn how we meet transparency requirements for compendia recognized by the CMS.

DrugDex compendium uses policy

View our policy for inclusion of non-FDA approved uses in the Micromedex DrugDex compendium.


Editorial review methodologies

Learn about the rigorous, multi-step editorial methods that guide whether content is included in Micromedex.

Inclusion of off-label information

Learn how to request inclusion of off-label information in Micromedex.


Keys to evidence-based care

Learn why making the right decisions for patients starts with having the right information at the right time.

Compendia tracking documents

View compendia tracking documents for Micromedex DrugDex, sorted by drug name and non-FDA use.