Curious how Guardium compares? Get the details here.

Curious how Guardium compares? Get the details here. Compare modern data security

Monitor data access and take action against threats

Guardium Data Protection for Files provides automated discovery and classification of unstructured data in files and file systems, including NAS, SharePoint, Windows, Unix and Linux, to help organizations better understand and control unstructured data risks.

The solution supports intelligent access management and file activity monitoring across files and file systems, using machine learning analytics to detect unusual activity around sensitive data. Continuous monitoring and real-time security and protection policies guard unstructured data across the enterprise and enable teams to minimize compliance costs with automated and workflows.

How customers use it

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    Address unstructured data security challenges


    Data growth is accelerating, and unstructured data is growing the fastest. You need to manage dynamic, distributed, and in demand unstructured data while minimizing exposures in an intelligent, efficient, and cost effective way.


    IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files provides a holistic data security platform for unstructured data in NAS, Sharepoint, Windows and Unix.

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    Analyze data and gain visibility


    Because data is constantly changing, moving and being accessed by new users, it can be difficult to understand what data you have, how it is being used and by whom. This can put your organization at risk from a security or compliance perspective.


    Guardium Data Protection automatically discovers critical data and uncovers risk, providing visibility into all transactions and protocols across platforms and users.

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    Protect sensitive data


    Insider threat and external attacks pose dangers to data, but traditional approaches can’t enforce separation of duties, recognize suspicious activity in real time or help you act. Compliance mandates and potential audits increase complexity.


    Guardium Data Protection enables complete protection for sensitive data via real-time capabilities including monitoring, alerting, blocking and quarantining, along with compliance automation to streamline operations and reduce risk of audit failure.

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    Adapt to changing environments and requirements


    Constantly expanding environments, new platforms, evolving compliance requirements and dynamic users make data protection a complex challenge.


    Guardium Data Protection seamlessly handles changes within your IT environment, enabling you to secure new data sources, expand your deployment, or add new users. This flexible approach helps reduce costs while protecting your most critical assets.