Feature spotlights

Simple data connection

Connect quickly and easily to multiple internal, external, or commercial data sources. Provides analysts with the ability to enrich their intelligence analysis by connecting to external data feeds such as OSINT, dark web, and cyber threat intelligence.

Advanced link analytics

Arm analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns across multiple data sets.

Timeline view

Enhance investigations by looking at evidence in a timeline view. This enables you to quickly identify when and why events took place throughout an investigation.

Fusion and visual search

Find like entities and match records on the chart to help avoid duplication of data from varied sources. Create a simple structured search to look for data in specific attributes of chart items.

Social network analysis

Help your analysts examine and analyze group structures and communication flows within networks. This enables users to better understand relationships between entities in Analyst’s Notebook charts.

Geospatial investigation

Easily integrate with third-party mapping capabilities to be able to visualize intelligence on a map, conduct pattern of life (POL) analysis, and much more.

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How customers use it

  • Screen shot of bar charts and histograms available in IBM i2 Connect.

    Investigate cyber and insider threats to your organizations


    Cyber-attacks and insider threats are constantly on the rise. Cyber criminals are finding new and innovative ways to avoid detection and hack organizations.


    Analysts can quickly search data sources to conduct faster investigations with enriched information from a single interface. This allows them to conduct a deeper investigation, far beyond the initial detection.

  • Screen shot of location-based reporting available in IBM i2 Connect

    Defeat fraudulent activity affecting your bottom line


    Fraudsters are avoiding rules-based systems and are able to steal money and intellectual property from organizations and government agencies. They are often hard to catch and don’t leave much of a trace.


    Analysts can easily bring together data from disparate sources, such as sanction lists, social media, international watch lists, company registration information, etc., onto an i2 chart and investigate then use multi-dimensional visual analysis.

  • Screen shot of analysis and reporting available in IBM i2 Connect

    Investigative and intelligence analysis using i2 Connect


    Law enforcement agencies need to uncover insights as quickly as possible during time-sensitive investigations.


    Law enforcement analysts can use the data connection and intelligence analysis capability to fuse data on the i2 chart for a more comprehensive picture. This accelerates investigations and helps reduce crime by using powerful analytics and analysis.

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