Feature Spotlinghts

Link analysis environment

Visualize data in association charts to see relationships between entities such as people and organizations and illustrate how they are interconnected. A wide range of formatting options allows users to quicky and easily represent information.

Timeline analysis

Go beyond how entities are interconnected by portraying information in a timeline. These temporal views can be used to illustrate how sequences of events unfold over periods of interest and provide a powerful visualization to enhance investigations.

Social network analysis

Help your analysts examine and analyze group structures and communication flows within networks. This powerful capability enables users to better understand relationships between entities on their charts.

Statistical views

Use bar charts and histograms to look at the distribution of data in your chart and drill down into the contents to concentrate on information that is of interest. Heat matrices can be used to quickly gain insight into your data, and identify areas for further analysis.

Advanced analytics

Use advanced analytics to more quickly find hidden connections, such as Find Connecting Network to find a network that connects several entities, directly or indirectly, and List Most Connected to identify most active items, greatest number of connections or largest transactions.

IBM Security i2 Chart Reader

Successful investigations often depend on the ability to disseminate. i2 Chart Reader allows analysts to share intelligence with those who don't have access to IBM Security i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Customer case studies

The Police ICT Company case study

Consolidating analytical tools helps police outsmart criminals

The Police ICT Company

DeliverFund case study

Zeroing in on Human Trafficking Networks with IBM Security i2


Stop the Traffik case study

Using intelligence analysis to prevent human trafficking

Stop the Traffik

Technical details

Technical specifications

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Software requirements

View the operating system requirements for i2 Analyst's Notebook before you buy.

Hardware requirements

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