What can IBM ESS 5000 do for your business

IBM ESS 5000 is an Elastic Storage Server, offering scale-out PB capacity nodes, that combines the software-defined IBM Spectrum Scale storage with IBM POWER9® processor-based I/O-intensive servers. By consolidating storage requirements across your organization onto IBM ESS 5000 and the NVMe-based ESS 3000, you can reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs and support the demanding AI, HPC, analytics, and/or high-capacity storage requirements that are typical in the fields of healthcare, media, government or financial services.

The ESS 5000 can start with TBs and grow to hundreds of PBs or even EB scale with a single unified namespace that eliminates costly data silos. IBM Spectrum Scale is the parallel file system at the heart of IBM ESS 5000 that expands throughput as it grows. It allows for integration with previous ESS models for investment protection and provides lower cost options such cloud storage and IBM Tape. With IBM Spectrum Scale, you can eliminate data silos and bottlenecks, simplify storage management and get faster access to data.


Get faster time to value

With IBM Spectrum Scale, customers can combine, in a single 8YB cluster, ESS 53000 nodes, ESS 3000 nodes, IBM Spectrum Scale nodes, both in the Public Cloud or on-prem.

Increase operational efficiency

Containerized software install and a powerful management GUI minimize demands on IT staff time and expertise. Single-node capacity in a 13.5 PB configuration.

Recover with reliability

Software-defined erasure coding assures data recovery while using less space than data replication. Restores can take minutes rather than hours or days and can be run without disrupting operations.

Deploy with flexibility

ESS 5000 is available in a wide range of capacities 500 terabytes in a single enclosure to 13.5 petabytes, using 8 enclosures. Deploy as a standalone edge system or scale out with additional ESS 3000 systems, or with IBM Elastic Storage Server.

Support massive volumes of data

IBM ESS5000 can deliver up to 55GB/s of throughput and scale-out to exabytes of storage with IBM Spectrum Scale. Growing data can be managed and tiered across practically any storage.

Integrate NVMe storage

IBM ESS5000 can run in a cluster with IBM ESS3000 servers to provide powerful and simple NMVe scale-out storage for AI, HPC and many other data workloads.

Enjoy simplified intuitive GUI

Integrate system and software management by easily deploying Spectrum Scale GUI in the data center or in the public cloud with enhanced containerized software.

Key Features

  • IBM Spectrum Scale
  • IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Coding
  • True scale-out capability
  • Policy-based tiering
  • Integrated and modular
  • Ease of management
  • Global sharing and collaboration