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Intelligent capture-as-a-service API

IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer offers the power of intelligent capture with the flexibility of an API that enables you to extend the value of your core enterprise content management (ECM) technology stack. Advanced AI more accurately classifies data and can be configurable in minutes, instead of weeks.

Increased agility with no templating required

Today's capture-management tools require time-intensive templating that often requires an IT resource or engineers to configure and test. IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer offers an easy-to-use interface that helps enable you to test configurations in real time, so you can react quickly to data and perform deeper analysis.

Transformation of document-capture strategy for the future

IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer helps your organization gain valuable insights from data that was previously inaccessible, so you can intelligently predict, develop and deploy changes based on the market.

Integration with other digital business automation platform offerings

IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer is designed to work with IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business or any non-IBM content or process systems.

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