Secure, scalable, affordable and cloud-ready Linux system

IBM® LinuxONE™ offers the most secure, available and resilient cloud-ready Linux platform for data serving. LinuxONE brings together the freedom of the open revolution with choice, efficiency, and enterprise computing power. IBM® LinuxONE™ Rockhopper™ is designed as an affordable entry point for the LinuxONE portfolio in a small footprint.


Insist on embedded security to protect data.


Choose the tools and applications you know and love.


Lower your TCO over x86 and choose your financing.


Get unparalleled utilization and speed.


Meet demand for virtually limitless scale.


Manage fewer servers for less complexity and lower cost.

Meet and exceed your objectives

  • Provide a proven solution: LinuxONE
  • Reduce TCO: Control the cost of growth
  • Prioritize security: Integrated set of secure capabilities
  • Increase scalablity without sprawl
  • Compare performance: Over 2x faster than x86

Product images

LinuxONE Rockhopper - front
LinuxONE Rockhopper - front
LinuxONE Rockhopper - left
LinuxONE Rockhopper - left
LinuxONE Rockhopper - angle
LinuxONE Rockhopper - angle

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