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Powered by the cloud

Single, secure, cloud-based global network delivering always-on availability with industry leading uptime

Connectivity across your supply chain

Establish connections with your suppliers to automate and digitize all B2B documents. Over 365,000 pre-connected trading partners to speed connections, small partner automation services for quick connections to non-EDI suppliers, rapid partner onboarding through self-service with community management, and support for industry and government mandates such as PEPPOL.

Visibility into your B2B transactions

Find critical B2B information more quickly, and visualize those business transactions in context, so you can easily see the many documents that are involved in each transaction, navigate through them, and drill down to the information you need.

Augmented by AI

Uses IBM Watson AI technology to make complex information simple. AI helps correlate related documents so business users get the consolidated status visibility that they need, and provides natural language search and conversation assistant so they can ask questions and get answers using the business terminology they understand, rather than the technical jargon of IT.

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