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Local television station WDBJ uses Max Engage

Learn how a television station uses Max Engage with Watson to increase audience engagement and create loyal active users.

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KSL-TV: Forecasting a bright future with weather stories that drive revenue

Using Max Engage with Watson, KSL-TV is becoming a force in the digital arena with localized and personalized content.

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Serving the demand for cross-platform content

Learn how to keep up with your viewers' growing demands for engaging mobile content.

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Six steps for success

Growth in content consumption on digital devices means content providers must adapt quickly to changing consumer needs.

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Cognitive support for advanced weather forecasting

Leverage augmented intelligence (AI) and automation to aid in the detection of weather and traffic conditions.

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The future of digital weather forecasting

The smartest technologies on the market bundled with personalized notifications help tap into a viewer's weather connection.

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Cracking the mobile content code

Learn how mobile users leverage weather and traffic apps to access local information every day.

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