Key features

Delivers a trusted, 360-degree view of critical data

Enables highly accurate, trusted and comprehensive data matching to overcome differences and errors that often occur in disparate data sources. The MDM server manages your master data entities centrally, reducing reliance on incomplete or duplicate data while consolidating information from across your enterprise. Deliver a single, highly accurate trusted view of your key business data that improves user confidence and decision-making while offering the ability to migrate MDM data to the cloud.

Extends your MDM architecture into the cloud

Multiple deployment options enable you to roll out new applications, data and services with impressive speed and place them in the optimal location – whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Subscription-based pricing available through the MDM Cloud edition reduces cost and optimizes your IT resources while facilitating an intelligent and smart investment in your future growth that can scale when you do.

Supports registry or virtual style implementations

Adds new data domains or solves new business problems. IBM InfoSphere MDM comprises a complete MDM solution with multi-domain capabilities and built-in domain patterns that support a diverse variety of key industries. InfoSphere MDM offers several editions each designed to integrate with existing architectures and business processes. Choose the edition that best meets your immediate and long-term needs and then shift focus to where it impacts your business the most – innovation.

Harnesses a complete MDM solution across the enterprise

Maintains a complete, highly accurate, real-time view of your master data through a configurable framework engineered for on-premise or cloud IT architecture models. Designed to support registry or virtual MDM-style implementations. Provides policy management capabilities that help you author, monitor and enforce data quality. Assembles a trusted, tailored view of your data through a virtual master data registry and empower your application users with a flexible MDM solution.

Leverages analytical capabilities to propel your business

Provision and operationalize MDM data to gain entity insight with graph-based exploration of master data, transactional data and Hadoop to drive entity insight and analytics.

Customer case studies

Breaking down information barriers with IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

Sonoma County, California

Unlocking a greater customer experience with IBM Master Data Management

A leading Asia Pacific Bank

Personalized client interaction with IBM Master Data Management


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