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IBM® Content Foundation (ICF) provides full content lifecycle and document management capabilities. Delivers a fast, cost-effective solution for improved control of existing and new types of content. Provides superior scalability, security, stability, mobility and cross-platform ECM capabilities. IBM Content Foundation is easy-to-use, supports rapid deployment and is suitable for small to large companies. It is available for on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid deployment. Protects sensitive data with role-based redaction, enables team collaboration, adds powerful social media content features and encourages ECM best practice adoption.

Provides a unified extensible experience

Delivers a unified and extensible user experience that minimizes time to production solutions based on Content Foundation for mobile, web, and desktop environments.

Enables custom application development

Provides custom application development APIs and tools to enable customers and business partners to customize Content Foundation solutions for their specific business needs.

Delivers superior ECM capabilities

Enhances document management capabilities to support document and publication requirements whether they are small and simple or extremely large and complex. Enables ECM scalability and reduces costs.

Consolidates ECM platforms

Enables platform consolidation capabilities to enable Content Foundation to manage content from multiple, disparate repositories with or without migrating content.

Socializes enterprise content

Delivers powerful social content management capabilities to bring the insight of social content to content managed by Content Foundation.

Protects data with role-based redaction

Enable documents to be redacted automatically based on the role of the requester, blocking out information according to a user's specifications.

Six reasons to use IBM Content Foundation

  • Manage complex requirements and protect sensitive data
  • Consolidate ECM platforms
  • Accelerate custom application development
  • Enable social management and team collaboration
  • Scale to handle ECM growth
  • Extend to the cloud

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