What it can do for your business

Business environments are in a constant state of change and require an agile and flexible IT infrastructure that allows quick adaptability to changing business needs. The IBM Power System E880C enterprise server with OpenStack-based cloud management allows companies to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing flexibility during the transition. The IBM Power E880C enterprise server helps you develop a cloud infrastructure with increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance, and management—all while enhancing business growth.

Private cloud management

Manage a private cloud with software tools to create virtualized pool of compute resources, self-service portal for end users, and policies for resource allocation, control and security.

Hybrid cloud support

Manage private, public or dedicated cloud resources with single management tool while and secure connecting workloads with cloud-native apps for fast response to quickly changing business priorities.

Flexible cloud capacity

Build flexible elastic private cloud capacity and consumption models.

Monitor data

Monitor cross-data center inventory and performance via the IBM Cloud.

Cloud maximizes IT resources

Cloud computing can streamline service delivery, and improve IT economics through automation and higher utilization of resources.

Adapt to changing business demands

Manages fluctuating business demands with dynamic, on-demand private cloud capacity.

Key features

  • Hybrid infrastructure management tools
  • Cloud development
  • IBM Cloud Starter Pack
  • Flexible capacity on demand