Data Security for Multi-Clouds and Hybrid Clouds

This offering, for Cloud deployment, is a comprehensive data security platform that helps safeguard sensitive data wherever it resides and provides a full range of data protection capabilities, including data discovery and classification, vulnerability assessment, data and file activity monitoring, risk analytics, data masking, encryption, blocking, alerting and quarantining. Guardium helps secure data across a range of environments – from databases, file systems and mainframes to big data and cloud systems. The solution also adapts to changes in IT environments – whether adding new users, more scalability, or new technologies.

Analyze your data risk

Understand where sensitive data is, who is accessing it and how they are using it, and spot anomalies. Visualize risks and take action to help prevent data loss, manipulation, and deletion.

Protect your sensitve data

Automated data compliance capabilities help protect against financial exposure, while data encryption, masking, blocking, quarantining, and real-time alerting help protect data at rest and in motion.

Adapt to changes in your IT environment

Reduce costs with a platform that can easily support traditional and new platforms (i.e. Hadoop, noSQL and Cloud), use cases from compliance to end-to-end data protection, new data volumes and users.

Key features

  • Automated discovery and classification
  • Automated analytics
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Data activity monitoring
  • File activity monitoring
  • Blocking, masking, redaction, alerting and quarantining
  • Encryption and key management
  • Automated compliance and audit support
  • Cloud-ready images for major cloud venders