Beyond traditional archiving

IBM® Content Collector for SAP provides flexible archiving, content management and governance for SAP® data and related content. It extends IBM's value-based archiving capabilities across SAP applications and archive stores, including IBM enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and IBM® Spectrum Protect™. Content Collector for SAP helps reduce total cost of ownership by circumventing costs associated with limited, siloed SAP offerings and by deploying full SAP business solutions that offer expansive capabilities in one unified product.
IBM Content Collector for SAP Applications

Enrich your content

Content Collector for SAP provides capabilities that link valuable ECM-stored documents such as invoices, emails and contracts to SAP transactions.

Boost the value of your investment

By archiving and decommissioning most non-SAP enterprise applications and enabling consolidation of legacy systems, Content Collector for SAP helps you derive more value from your SAP investment.

Reduce costs

Advanced archiving methods help to reduce storage and infrastructure costs and improve your ability to meet compliance mandates while enhancing SAP system performance and user efficiency.

Manage retention obligations

Consistently archive and collect disparate content types from disparate sources to meet legal, records, compliance, and governance obligations.

Cloud archiving

Provides system security enhancements, monitoring tools and system performance guidelines to enable IBM and IBM-sanctioned third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud deployments.

Advanced SAP archiving and governance

  • Expansive ECM SAP business capabilities and integration
  • Assessment and progression techniques
  • Links to ECM-stored documents
  • Built-in storage management capabilities
  • Supports traditional SAP ArchiveLink™
  • Business process management

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