Archiving and retention management for file systems

IBM Content Collector for File Systems is an enterprise solution for controlling documents on network file shares by providing tools that archive and manage various file types throughout their lifecycle. It can be automatically configured to capture documents as they are placed in a monitored location on the file share or it can archive existing content based on age, file size or other criteria that you define. Content Collector for File Systems helps IT manage the growth of network file shares and reduces the risk associated with unmanaged collections.
IBM Content Collector for File Systems

Manage compliance and legal requirements

Through eDiscovery searches, legal holds and records retention in place, you can confidently meet compliance and legal requirements .

Improve IT efficiency

By archiving based on business value and deleting content after legal or regulatory obligations have expired, Content Collector helps to reduce storage requirements and improve IT efficiency.

Reduce infrastructure cost

Deduplication and archiving capabilities help to reduce the infrastructure cost associated with managing and retaining high volumes of file system content.

Archive what is important and required

  • Policy definitions
  • Capture network file share content
  • Content integration
  • Search and retrieval

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