What modernization solutions can do for your business

IBM® CICS® Modernization Solution Pack for z/OS® provides a convenient way to purchase IBM CICS Tools for z/OS at a reduced, inclusive price. It helps you discover, visualize and broaden the reach of CICS applications and modernize your CICS infrastructure—and increase the value of your investments in CICS products.

IBM CICS Modernization Solution Pack for z/OS includes:

  • IBM CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS
  • IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS
  • IBM CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS.

Streamlined purchasing

Buy multiple products in a simplified procurement process.

Inclusive pricing

Leverage the value of your previous purchases to get a reduction in the aggregate product price.

Efficient deployment

Modernize now and be ready to deploy mobile and service-enabled applications.

Complementary tools

Make the modernization of CICS systems and applications faster and easier.

Buy now and get started